Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Training buddy: Acquired

So I guess I'm going to have to get serious about this running thing.  I think I've picked and event that's 12 weeks away, so I'm going to have to sort of commit to some sort of training plan (she said in the most noncommittally phrased sentence ever). 
But this will be easier as I have found a running buddy!  My friend who talked me into running in the first place is fabulous, but he ran the LA marathon this year with the intent of qualifying for Boston, and he probably would have, had he not gotten injured during the last few miles of the race.  Seeing as my current idea of 'fast' is a ten minute mile, he and I are not going to be in the same league, running-wise.  Fortunately, I remembered that another friend had mentioned she was maybe going to train for a half in the fall, so we're going to try and start running together twice a week.  I'm excited to have a buddy and because I've never actually run by myself outside, so this feels both more companionable and safer? 

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