Saturday, August 20, 2011

Long run fail

So I slept terribly last night.  Maybe it was the wine.  Maybe it was the cat meowing and coughing up hairballs all night.  Maybe it was nerves for the run.
I managed to get up on time and made it to meet J...and we only ended up running about two miles.  We did the whole 3.1 mile loop twice; we just walked the vast majority of it.  This (I am telling myself) was as a concession to J, who isn't in as good of shape as I am, and who doesn't mind walking part of the half marathon.  My goal is to run it all, which means I need to run with her for fewer of my runs, or add an extra run to my schedule.  Obviously I'm going to have to start doing my long run on my own if I ever want to build up any endurance, and I'm playing with the idea of adding something short but fast one day a week on my own.  Le sigh.

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