Saturday, August 6, 2011

On nonbelievers in veganism

I have in the past expressed my skepticism about veganism.  It's still not something I would want to do all the time permanently forever, because, fact, I love me a bacon cheeseburger sometimes.  BUT.  In my day to day life, I really, really am loving veganism, and this is very much because of how much better I feel, not any ethical whateverness.  It is also because my scale at one point this week read 135, which is the lowest it has been in awhile, and was confirmed by the scale at my gym.  Woo!

Anyway, (and I'm sure and sorry that I've been one of these people in the past), there's a lot of people that get really personally offended when I mention I'm doing veganism.  It happened when I did it for Lent, and it's happening again now, and honestly, it's really irksome.  Like, why is it your problem that I'm not eating cheese?  I'm not asking you to not eat cheese, and I'm not doing it forever.  I generally try not to be too annoying when people are picking restaurants and whatnot.  When I was dating someone and vegan, I made a point of making my own food so I wasn't an inconvenience to him, and yet it still seemed to bother him.  Bleh.
I think the worst was when I told a good friend that I highly recommended it and she told me that I was crazy and that really, if I was going to say stuff like that, she should stop being my friend.  This girl has been having stomach issues and is trying to lose weight, and I was merely trying to suggest something that, in my experience, can work wonders and miracles for both of those things.  Fine.  Suit yourself.  Be bloated and fat, it's not really my problem.

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