Monday, August 8, 2011

A new beginning

I'll be honest, today did not start out looking like a promising day.  It's a Monday, I got slammed with a lot of tedious stuff at work, and it happens to be what would be our two year anniversary had I not broken up with my ex four months ago, which I thought would make me happier, but so far has not.  So, in general, I was not enthused about life.
My one beacon of excitement was this whole idea of training for a half marathon.  I procrastinated at work by looking at training plans and found a few that seem doable (okay, I found two at work, but can only find one of them again now. Sigh).  My original goal for this evening was to do two miles, as I have not run really in a long time, but as the day wore on and got worse, I thought maybe I could do four miles with some sort of walk break in between.
Of course, I got home from work and the couch and the cat called to me and suggested that maybe I didn't have to go for a run.  That maybe I should sit at home and wallow instead.  It was tempting, but I managed to get going an hour later than my original planned workout time.  I was still not excited.  And then I started running.
It. Was.  Magical.  Like I said, I haven't been running a lot, so I expected it to feel terrible.  It did not.  It felt great.  There were a few minor aches and twinges that subsided as I kept going.  I made it through both two mile segments pretty easily, and did five miles in the 60 minutes I was on the treadmill, which I know is not amazing, but when you haven't actually run four miles at one time ever, it felt huge.
So, at the moment, I am wildly excited about running and completely infatuated with this half marathon concept.  Maybe like all new crushes it will fade and disappoint me, but for now, I'm going to bask in the glow of this newfound love interest :)

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