Monday, July 25, 2011


In other news, I've invested in some exciting new workout gear.  These pants (black) and this top (pink) with a gift card I got for referring a friend to Equinox, and these shorts (pink, I've been eying them forever) and these capris (mostly to get the free shipping) from the Athleta sale.  Yay!

Am I supposed to be training for something?

So I've gotten down to a workout schedule I like, nay, love.  I'm doing Bar Method in the mornings and yoga in the evenings.  This week is kind of weird as it's my birthday so I'm in Vegas for the weekend, and thus OD-ing on Bar Method while I can, but in general, it's 5x Bar Method and 5x yoga per week, the off days of each on different days, and some cardio on the days I don't do Bar.  It's glorious.
But, during yoga today, the instructor was talking about how she used to just do yoga but would get out of breath running to the bus.  At Bar, they've been emphasizing anaerobic stuff.  I sense I should be getting some real cardio in here somewhere.
My problem is that I currently don't have a fitness goal aside from "look hot."  And I know that that's like, the number one bad reason for being really into fitness. 
Aside from now, the most athletic period of my life was when I was rowing in England, because I was actively training for something.  Currently, my location is too far from actual water to permit rowing being anything I can do on a regular basis.
This leaves swimming (hate it), biking (too afraid of getting run over), and running.
Running and I have a complicated relationship.  I usually hate it.  Ever so often, I'll get super into it for a month or so, get better, and then abandon it for one reason or another.  I've watched several friends run marathons, and it seems like every fitness blog I read has people training for marathons. 
So why not me?  I know I could.  If I really committed to a training program, I think it would be extremely doable.  My concern is largely the effect on my body.  I've heard way too many knee/hip horror stories.  I have in the past been prone to knee issues while running.  And yet somehow, this feels like something I should be doing.  Who knows.  It's luring me in.  Slowly.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Food and other things

Yesterday ended in disaster, as the news of a friend's engagement led me and another friend to indulge in fast food and red wine.  Today:
Oatmeal with blueberries and fiber one (300 cal)
Margarita cupcakes a coworker brought in (disaster)
Veggies and black beans (200 cal)
Almonds (100 cal)
Pasta with pesto, spinach, and zucchini

Bar method felt great today.  Yoga was frustrating as I had not expected the room to be 10000 degrees.  Overall, decent day, health wise, minus the cupcake disaster.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Can't deal...

With two friends getting married the same weekend so it's time to throw myself even further into the working out.

Bar method (300 calories?)
Elliptical (500 calories)
Yoga (200 calories?)

Caramel corn (350 calories, don't judge, I'm stressed)
Oatmeal with blueberries, almond butter, fiber one (300 calories)

Smoothie (orange juice, banana, strawberry) (130 calories)
Leftover pizza (500 calories)
Cherries (100 calories)

Coconut water (100 calories)

Weight this am:  138.5

Friday, July 15, 2011

Severe addiction

I've worked out every day this week since Sunday.  Three of those days I've managed to work out twice a day (usually morning Bar Method and evening yoga). I'm loving it (and have been super cranky the few days I didn't work out first thing in the morning), but is it too much?
Amount of time I've spent exercising:
Sunday:  40 min
Monday:  180 min
Tuesday:  135 min
Wednesday:  135 min
Thursday:  60 min
Friday:  150 min

This is way over whatever new exercise guidelines they issued this week.  Then again, I had an absurd number of corn fritters while on vacation in Florida last week.

Monday, July 11, 2011

In short

Working out twice a day.  Loving yoga.  Getting better at Bar Method.  Feeling great.