Saturday, August 6, 2011

First Spin class

Spinning has always looked so scary to me.  That, and it seems like one of those fitnessy buzzwords that makes you sound really sporty regardless of whether you are or not "Oh, I have to get up early for spin."  Bleh.  The people, in their bike shorts and their clacky shoes, drenched in sweat while instructors shout at them.  No thank you.  But my cardio routine has been lacking of late, and one of my friends wanted to try it, so I bit the bullet and went.

On the plus side, the instructor was super helpful with setting up bikes, and wasn't too crazy with the yelling during class.  On the minus side, I was concerned I might die.  On the also minus side, spin bikes are not really built for people who are 5'11".  I'm still worried I freaked out my back from leaning over so far to get to the handlebars.  The other thing is that I've heard spin is this calorie torching wonder, but my console said I only burned 140 calories for the class.  I will give you that I was not pushing it crazy hard, but for the amount I was sweating/breathing heavily/etc, I was burning way more than that. 
Overall, meh.  But as I have learned, one should try everything twice, so I'll probably be going back.  Just not this week.

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