Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's worth it?

So I was out for Valentine's Day dinner last night at this fantastic burger place/wine bar.  I had a burger with Red Hawk cheese (stinky but delicious), caramelized onions, arugula, and garlic aoili and split onion rings and sweet potato fries with my boyfriend.  I also had a cocktail and a glass of wine.  And despite all this I'd lost almost a pound from last week at my WW weigh in!
But back to what I wanted to talk about - the tables at the restaurant last night were pretty close together, so I could hear the conversation of the couple at the next table over.  The woman decided not to have a glass of wine, citing a 6am pilates class.  This made me a bit sad for her as I watched her male dining companion order multiple mojitos.  I happened to glance over while she was eating, and I noticed that she'd pretty much taken the entire bun (and it wasn't just any bun, it was a glorious fluffy brioche bun that was entirely necessary for soaking up burger juice/sauce/melted cheese) off of her burger and was picking at it with a knife and fork.  And I just thought to myself, wow, I never want to do that.  I hate denying myself indulgences, and to me, it doesn't feel that bad to eat healthily for breakfast and lunch, but to skip out on really enjoying Valentine's day dinner seems crazy.  To each their own, I guess.
But, on that note, off to get ready for a friend's birthday dinner at a tapas bar with Nutella creme brulee!

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