Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unemotional eating

I know that everyone ever says emotional eating is bad.  In general, this makes sense, particularly if it's making you fat.  But what if it's not?  I know I'm an emotional eater.  I am a Girl Who Eats My Feelings, as are a lot of my friends, but I'm nowhere close to obese.  So is it so bad that I have eating as a coping mechanism?  If there's nothing I can do to fix my frustration/anger/sadness, what's wrong with having food as an outlet? 
I ask this because today sucked, and I have no desire to eat an entire pan of brownies to compensate for it.  I wasn't very hungry all day, and I'm pretty much having to force myself to eat now.  It is unnatural and wrong, but I seem to have broken myself, at least for today, as far as emotional eating goes.

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