Monday, February 21, 2011

Eating without judgment

So as the delayed onset headache from my weekend of drinking kicks in, I'm reflecting a bit on decisions made this weekend and how I could have improved.  I meant to go to yoga this morning, but felt like I would have thrown up had I gone, and I meant to go to a step class this evening, but the couch just seemed a nicer place.  On one hand this is good, as I feel I need to work on this concept of "rest days" I keep hearing about, and sometimes it's nice to be able to kick back and enjoy life.  On the other hand, if I were really forced to say whether I felt like the bad health decisions I made this weekend were worth it, the answer would be no.  I definitely could have eaten things I enjoyed more, drank a lot less beer, and spent more time at the gym and been much happier, but my boyfriend's best friend and his girlfriend were visiting from out of town, so there was a certain amount of obligation and being a good hostess and not going "Good grief, how are you still drinking?  Why aren't you passed out yet?"
And this brings me to the eating without judgment.  Of other people.  The friend that was in town is pretty much one of the most serious drinkers I've ever met.  I'm under the impression that a 6 pack a day is pretty standard for him (and we're talking serious IPAs, not Bud Light).  He plays a lot of soccer and so isn't suffering from serious beer gut syndrome or anything, but based on this weekend I would have to guess that 80% of the guy's caloric intake is from beer.  And that makes the virtuous annoying part of me want to be like "blerg, what's wrong with you?"  Ditto for anyone else I routinely see make bad food/drink/health choices.  It seems to be my instinct when I'm trying to be healthy to judge other people for not being healthy, and it's definitely not a good way to go about things.  And I'm definitely not the type to be like "Hey, let's all take a yoga class instead of drinking tonight!"  Also I wouldn't want to see a lot of the people I hang out with in yoga clothes anyway.  Maybe if I could make those gym friends that seem to elude me I'd have more people to hang out with in a health conscious way.

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