Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Small rant: Skinny Bitch

So I'm sure that I was the last person on the planet to read the Skinny Bitch book two months ago.  Whatever.  I still want to talk about it.
I picked it up from the library, thinking, I'm a bitch, I want to be skinny, this must be for me.  Could. Not. Have. Been.  Furtherfromthetruth.  While I'm all for no nonsense, I am not for all-vegan-no-diet-coke.  No siree.  I thought they could be straight forward and tell me not to have the donut, I just did not realize that any potential donut would have to come from Whole Foods.  I get that veganism would be better for me, the planet, etc., but any diet program that tells me I can never again have a bacon cheeseburger is just not going to be sustainable for me.
Basically this book offended my cheese loving soul and should be shelved with 'vegan hippie crap' not 'weight loss.'  That is all.

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