Saturday, October 15, 2011

In which I cave

So, I cheated.  I just ate three raw cashews.  Oops?  Had I checked my e-mail and read the encouraging "It's your last day" e-mail from BPC before breaking into my stash, I might not have. 

I just went to Bar Method on one green juice, which was not my smartest ever idea, but I actually made it through.  Afterward, though, food just seemed wise.  I actually had six cashews in my hand and only ate three.  Go me?

Anyway, I guess I'm worried about the transition back to real food as I do kind of have a life I'd like to get back to normally living, sooner rather than later.  There are probably beers on Monday night.  I would like to be able to drink just one of them without throwing up.

I'm hungry for the first time, and this juice is...kind of not helping.  I also managed to totally give myself a panic attack last night about 'omg you've been practically malnourished for four days, what are you doing, blah blah blah' that made it difficult to sleep.

That is the one thing I will say about this cleanse.  Everyone raved about amazing nights' sleeps.  So far I have not really been feeling that.

And, now I'm done, because I'm going back for three more cashews.

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