Thursday, October 13, 2011

BPC, days 2 and 3

So I was going to write this before rereading my Day 1 post, and I'm glad I didn't.  Apparently at the end of Day 1 I really wanted food.  I do not remember this.  Because during days 2 and 3, I have not wanted food at all.  Not in a bad way; just in a "well, I don't really need that" kind of way.  Okay, it's not entirely true, work got pretty stressful this afternoon and I had to sit through a meeting and watch everyone else eat their lunch, and I had a great desire to break into my secret stash of raw cashews.  But I did not.  I'm kind of glad this ended up being during a really hectic time at work, it's more of a willpower test.  I have done well; I watched friends consume Mexican and margaritas last night and felt weirdly not jealous.

I actually can't believe it's been three days already; they've flown by.  I actually got worried that I'd have to stay late at work, miss my juice delivery, and not be able to finish my last two days.  I'm strangely glad I got the five day cleanse, I don't really feel ready to return to solid foods yet. 

That said, I am kind of psyched about my post cleanse meal plan. 

Sunday:  Fruit and salad, as suggested.
Monday:  More of the same
Tuesday:  Fruit and salad for breakfast/lunch respectively, and then I think I'm going for it with sushi for dinner
Wednesday:  Oatmeal again, finally?  Avocado toast for dinner.
Thursday:  Am going all out and hopefully organizing a lunch to my favorite pastrami place

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