Saturday, October 15, 2011

And done

I'm finishing my last cashew milk.  The cleanse will be over as soon as I wake up tomorrow morning.  I'm definitely ready for it to be done; it's not the not chewing, it's the 'drinking identical beverages for five day straight' thing.  Though weirdly, the beet juice finally started tasting good today.
I also cheated.  Multiple times.  After the cashews came a few slices of cucumber (mostly acceptable) and 1/3 of a raw chocolate bar (what can I say, I have my period).

And now, we shall summarize.

Things I liked
  • I wasn't really that hungry
  • My stomach felt great the whole time (though this isn't usually a problem for me)
  • The juices (except for beet) were delicious
  • I was still able to exercise
  • I didn't feel any need for caffeine
  • I didn't really have any cravings
Things I disliked
  • The price.  For $65 a day, I could have bought myself a lot of juice on my own.
  • The repetitiveness of the juice flavors
  • The strict delivery window (having to be home to get the juice did put a cramp in my schedule) 
  • I never really got those feelings of clarity and whatnot that people rave about
Things I learned
  • I probably don't need nearly as much food as I think I do.  It's all in my head.
  • I will not actually suffer any dire consequences if I don't give into a craving
  • Green juice is actually delicious 
Things this has inspired me to do
  • Include more raw food in my life.  I've been really over salad for awhile, and I think it's finally going to make a comeback.
  • Be more mindful of my eating.
  • Watching portions better on non-nutritious things
Overall, I'm glad I did this.  For the price, I probably wouldn't do it again.  I'm also down about 5lbs, not sure if that would be more if I weren't doing the PMS bloaty thing, and it'll be interesting to see how much/if any of that stays off.  Also interested to see how the re-integration of real food goes.  

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