Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rant (again)

Last week it was Lululemon.  This week, Hungry Girl.  I hate her.  I mean, I guess I have nothing against her in general, but I hate the concept and the fact that it's being validated by multiple books and a show on Food Network.

I subscribe to the e-mails.  I read them, because I'll read anything to avoid work.  I rarely find anything of use in them because I've gotten off the processed food bandwagon, and it's what she seems to entirely subsist on.

I have one of the books.  I have made stuff from it.  It is rarely good.  I will give her credit for introducing me to the whole pumpkin+brownie mix = delicious concept, but that is it.  Mostly she has all these two or three ingredient things, and I look at the recipes, and I'm like, none of these things are delicious individually, I do not see how combining them is going to help me.

And seriously about the processed foods.  She loves fat free sugar free anything, which basically means you're eating chemicals.  I have stopped buying fat free cream cheese because everything in it sounds TERRIFYING.  I'd like my cream cheese to just have cream cheese in it, thanks.  If I'm eating cheesecake, I really don't care about saving 100 calories out of the 1000 I've probably already committed to.

Rant over now.

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