Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Veganism, day 4ish

So far the only of my goals I have stuck to is the sleep thing.  It has been good.
Veganism has sucked.  There's an article in Glamour this month about veganism being this new Hollywood super diet thing, Ellen lost 20 pounds, blah blah blah.  Veganism is not a diet for me.  Veganism is going to lead to me getting fat on shit I would never otherwise eat.  Juice? Check.  Nuts? Check.  Dried fruit?  Check.
My struggles with veganism are several.  I will list them for you.

  1. Salads take for-fucking-ever to eat.  Sometimes I just want to eat a grilled cheese sandwich in like, three bites and then have my hunger be satisfied.  But with salad as an entree, it's like 20 minutes later, you still have a giant pile of food in front of you that still contains like 10 calories and you're like, holy crap, how am I still eating? Isn't this over yet?
  2. Speaking of satisfaction, I do not get full eating vegan.  I just get different degrees of 'less hungry.'
  3. Thus far, vegan baking blows.
So why am I continuing?  Mostly because of that thing they said in Michael Cera vs some hotter guys...er...Scott Pilgrim vs. the World about the point of veganism being making you feel morally superior to other people.

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