Monday, January 31, 2011

Right things for the wrong reasons

So after doing three hours of exercise yesterday, I flirted with the idea of actually taking a day off today.  Work was really frustrating, and I was tired, but I knew the tiredness had more to do with work sucking than any actual physical thing.  I tried desperately to come up with reasons to convince myself to skip yoga (needing to grocery shop, not having a hair tie) but after my office mate dug a hair tie out of her purse for me, I was out of excuses.  I am, of course, glad I went.   I think there's maybe one time I've ever left yoga not being glad I went.

Of course, I also went because my WW meeting is tomorrow and I want to have lost more than I did last week (a measly .4lbs).  I know I don't really need to lose the weight, but now that I have a goal and a program I should be sticking to, I hate to fail.  Which is why I'm now having a salad before going over to my boyfriend's so I don't overdo it on wine, or whatever random food might be lurking there.  Of course, right after the meeting I'm going out for a three course lunch with friends, but as long as I like the number on the scale, that'll seem fine.

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