Saturday, January 29, 2011

3rd time's a charm: Bar Method

This is over a week overdue, but I've been lazy.  Along under the guise of self torture, but due to public transit issues it ended up being just me.
I got about seven people to go the first time, because none of us knew what we were getting, and we all got our asses kicked.  My legs have never hurt for so many days afterward.  I thought anything ballet and pilates based couldn't be that hard, but all the tiny repetitive movements and the fact that you never stop moving made for an intense workout.  I think after that I would have never gone back, but I'd bought a coupon for two classes.  One of my friends learned we'd inadvertently signed up for a class with the most intense instructor at the studio, so three of us headed back for our second class.  It was less intense, but the beer and chicken wings I'd had before class didn't make for an enjoyable experience.
Months later and in slightly better shape, I really, really enjoyed my third bar method experience.  It was with a new instructor (it was like her 4th time teaching, ever), and the class definitely still felt intense, but not unbearable.  I also didn't have the intense soreness over the next few days, but this might be because I went home, did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then stretched like crazy.  I'd actually love to go back but can't find a way to justify paying for the classes on top of my gym membership.  Boo.

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