Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dream Sunday morning

So for the first time ever this morning, I went for a run with my boyfriend.  This was big for both of us; for me because I've never run three miles on not the treadmill while watching Food Network before, and for him because he hadn't run outside in over a year due to a knee injury.  I'd suggested a run yesterday because the weather was gorgeous, but he'd already gone to the gym so we postponed to today.  It was raining, which is not my preferred condition, but was ideal for him.  We did a 3.2 mile loop doing what he thinks was 9:30 miles, and only stopped for one stretch break.  Aside from my ears being really cold, it felt really, really good.  Good to run, and good to finally be one of those girls that can go for a run with their sporty boyfriend.
It was secretly extra huge for me because I remember when we first met, there was another girl who was interested in him, who was super duper sporty and they'd gone running together and could talk about things like half marathons and mile times, and he asked me if I ran and I was like, um, no, shopping is my cardio?  I thought he'd not be interested due to my lack of athleticism, but I eventually found out he'd just asked the question because I looked like I was already in good shape and he'd just assumed I ran. 
After the run he went to ice his knee and I went to shower, and then we went to brunch, which we haven't done in ages, largely I think because most weekend mornings I run off to some exercise class or another.   Brunch out always feels kind of indulgent because I know I could make my own eggs and coffee and whatever, but it's just nicer when someone does it for you.  I had coffee, a egg/bacon/spinach/cheddar omelet with potatoes and toast, and a lemon ricotta pancake on the side because they smelled too good not to get.  It was probably my entire day's worth of WW points, but for once it didn't feel like a bad, guilty thing.  It felt like, my body has done an awesome thing for me today and I am going to refuel it with delicious, delicious food.  Also I've eaten pretty healthy all weekend, so it didn't feel like a huge splurge.  And there was this
Him:  It's still raining.  Want to go for another run?
Me:  Right now? No.  Someday, maybe.
Him:  Right, no more runs today, just yoga, pilates, treadmill...
Me:  Well, not the treadmill, no more high impact stuff.  But yeah, there's a pilates class at 4...
Whatever, I've decided I'm giving myself tomorrow morning off and I really like the Sunday afternoon pilates instructor at my gym.  And once I'm there there's no point in not staying for yoga...

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