Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trust the training?

We had our second official Team In Training practice this morning and it was not entirely what I expected.  Today's special topic was walking technique, which I assumed would be irrelevant to me since I am (trying to become) a runner.  However, as I learned this morning, apparently we're training with the run/walk technique, which they explained at length results in less injuries and faster race times, but somehow still feels like a cop out to me.  But, I signed up to a program with coaches for a reason, so I'm going to trust them.

After kicking the pace assessment's ass (5k in 29:14) last weekend, I was surprised to see that my pace group was going to be training at 13 minute miles, in a 3:1 run:walk ratio.  I guess we're just starting out and this is going to increase, but this seems way slow and way low compared to what I can do.  Again, I know it's my first race and my goal should be to not be injured and to finish, but I guess I was hoping for a little more of a challenge?  I was scared when I saw we had 45 minutes on the schedule today, but it flew by and felt pretty easy.  I am doing my best to resist the rookie mistakes of starting out training too hard and then hurting myself as a result.  I'll be out of town for next week's practice, which means a 60 minute run on my own, so I'll try and pace myself appropriately.

I also wanted today's practice to feel a little bit harder because I've been feeling like Chubby McChubster lately (translation:  my scale reads 6lbs higher than usual and 13lbs higher than I'd like it to) due to spending the past two weeks subsisting largely on wine and cheese (which, incidentally, is why I think my 29:14 last week would have been way better had I actually been, you know, eating real food and hydrating ever).  Someone at practice called me 'naturally slender' and I forced myself to just take the compliment rather than be like a) "Seriously? I feel like a fatass right now." or b) "Natural? Do you know how many bacon cheeseburgers I've had to turn down in my life to continue looking like this?"  But for now, my serious White Girl Problem of not being skinny enough in my own head will be an issue for another time.

However, because of my flabby feelings and because my hips were uber-cranky, I also went to pilates for the first time in what feels like months.  I won't lie, I did pretty much go through an entire abs class just for the hamstring stretching series, but whatever, my abs do need the work as well.  Oh boy do they need the work, as the class was way harder than it has been in the past.  It's weird, since my abs actually look some of the best they ever have (thank you, three months of Bar Method), but I guess they've only gotten good at those specific exercises.  So, things to work on: core strength.

And now, to shower for the date I may or may not have this afternoon (he got called in for a work emergency, and I would secretly rather stay home and clean my apartment and watch Gossip Girl with my cat.  I am wildly cool.).

Any advice/opinions on run/walk vs. just running training would be welcome and appreciated.  Also advice on dating and apartment cleaning, as I am terrible at both.


  1. Hey thanks for your the comment on my blog! Do you live in NYC? I am interested in Team in Training but havent heard back from them even though ive sent them numerous emails saying i'm interested!

  2. I'm actually a southern Californian who aspires to live in NYC one day... I'm surprised no one from TNT has contacted you! I'm not sure what the program is like out there, but everyone from the LA team has been super responsive and helpful.