Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New kicks!

It's been a busy day.  My plan was to get up early and run this morning, but apparently my body decided it was a better idea to sleep through my alarm for an extra two hours.  I headed into work where I'd intended to donate blood, but apparently two weeks of bad eating and drinking more wine than water means my veins are smaller than usual and they couldn't actually take my blood, which was disappointing, but at least I knew that I'd be able to do my run in the evening instead of having to take it easy.

Before my run, I headed to a Team in Training shoe event.  The lovely people at Run With Us gave a 20% discount on shoes, so I took the opportunity to replace my worn out Sauconys...with a new pair of Sauconys.  My old pair was the Triumph 6, and I'd been eyeing the Triumph 8 for awhile, but apparently there is a Triumph 9 out now, so I have those!

(And sadly, I have now learned they come in pink and am slightly disappointed.  I wonder if it is excessive to buy a second pair.  I do really like the teal, too.)

After that, I headed to the gym to test these out on the treadmill.  They are super light and nice, though my run was neither of those things.  I think it's mostly two weeks of bad sleep and a month of terrible eating finally catching up with me.  My body has been all kinds of 'um, I can haz nutrients plz?'

And so, I came home and made a salad because I've sort of forgotten what vegetables look like.

And instead of cashing in the Coldstone coupon I got for attempting to donate blood, I made a quasi-raw brownie for dessert.  Go me.
Also this is super easy.  For the base, you throw some dates, some nuts, and some cocoa in the food processor.  Dump that in an appropriately sized tupperware.  The 'icing' is one part coconut oil to two parts cocoa powder to how ever much agave you need to make it sweet enough.  Pour that over the top, refrigerate the whole thing, and ta da!  Delicious chocolate, no baking required.  It is not low calorie, but it has fiber and antioxidants and other things that are important.

And now, to bed so that I can maybe actually wake up at 5 for a run and yoga tomorrow morning.

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