Friday, November 18, 2011

On the run

Training has been going okay.  We had an 'easy 30' on the schedule yesterday, and I failed miserably (again) at getting up before work, so I figured I'd pack my gym bag, go for a quick run after work, and then head to to evening's bingo fundraiser.  Easy.

...until I had a meeting that lasted three hours instead of one, and was suddenly wildly behind schedule.  I was tempted to skip the run in order to meet friends for dinner on time, but I realized that if I'm serious about running 13.1 miles in less than three months, I need to stick to the training.  So stick to it I did.

It was way darker than I'm used to because of this whole 'Daylight Savings' thing, so I was a little freaked out, but there were tons of other walkers/runners/bikers so I swallowed my fear and got going.  The run actually went super well, I did the loop in about 30 minutes, and that included a minute of walking/futzing with Pandora on my Blackberry.  Midway through the run I got a "Hi, Andrea!" from a runner headed the other way, and couldn't place who it was and was too thrown off to say hi back, but it's a loop and we were going opposite directions, and crossed paths again, turned out to be my archnemeis from work.  Oops? 

Anyway, the run was good, I am loving my new shoes, and now I should really get dressed for yoga.

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