Sunday, May 22, 2011

Second chances

Having correct first impressions of things is not something I'm great at, in life or in workouts.  We won't get into the life aspect right now, but let's talk about the workouts.
I went to the Tuesday night yoga class at my gym this week, which I'd written off after going once, months ago, and hating it.  And, of course, this week I loved it.  I need to remind myself that one slightly painful class does not mean I should write something off entirely.
I also went to Bar Method twice this week, and I'm now officially in love with it, despite hating it my very first class.
And, this morning, I went to a Bikini Body class at my gym that left me unable to walk for two days after the first time I went, and was subsequently scared off for months, but now it's one of my favorite classes at the gym.
Moral of the story: the classes that scare you the most are probably the ones you should go back to.

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