Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pushing through

I experienced a weird phenomenon on Wednesday.  I really, really did not want to work out.  Wednesday evenings are usually one of my favorite workouts; it's an hour of pilates and an hour of yoga taught by my two favorite instructors at the gym.  I'd gotten into work early enough that I was able to leave early enough for class without feeling guilty.  I had my awesome new leggings to wear. 
And yet.  I guess I was just tired from work, or stressed out by some weird life stuff, or something, because I found myself checking the clock every five minutes in pilates, and wondering if I could even make myself stick around for yoga afterward.  I did, because I really do like the instructor and she's rarely there, but even in that class I found myself literally counting the seconds in my head when I couldn't see the clock. I thought about walking out.  I'm glad I didn't, but even that didn't really give me the sense of accomplishment I thought I'd have after class.  I'm glad I pushed through, but I'm more interested in discovering the source of my lack of motivation and getting myself back into a mental place where I'm excited about the gym.

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