Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eating weekend

Some (most) weekends I try to be healthy (ish) with the general exception of dinners.  This weekend, I'm throwing in the towel.  My sister's visiting and I have a lot of social stuff to go to, and I know I'll enjoy all of it more if I don't stress myself about food.
I started off pretty promisingly on Friday with shrimp tempura as part of my combo plate at the Japanese place I went to for lunch, and then stole someone else's cheese fries at the going away party I went to that evening.  After retrieving my sister from the airport, we went out for Mexican, and I had two bazillion calorie fruit margaritas, some of my sister's chimichangas, and my own plate of tamales, rice, and beans.  Yum.
The downside of this is that waking up this morning, I am not hungry at all and feeling super bloated from all the salt.  And I have a pool party to go to on Sunday, but at least the plan prior to that is to go to vegan brunch, so hopefully that will help a little.  That, and a weather forecast which calls for a lot of covering up and not so much swimming.

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