Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In transition

It has been a rough month for me.  I've been going through breakups with both a roommate and a boyfriend.  The general situation at work is a mess; they're going through massive layoffs.
I thought all this would make me more motivated in my health/fitness life.  This has not happened.  There's been too much drinking, not enough sleeping, not enough working out.  Some of this is the fact that I'm moving and there's just not time.  And some of this is...that maybe I'm just not a motivated person?  I thought being single I'd have more time to do all these workout things I wanted to do, but this has not happened.  I cheated big time on veganism with a chorizo burrito after a terrible night out on Saturday.  I. Am. A. Mess.
Goals for the week:
More than 6 hours of sleep/night (this is as much as seems realistic, honestly)
At least one workout per day (did not happen today; slept through yoga)
Actually track WW points (which includes all the pretzel M&Ms I just ate.  Good grief.)

Gym classes I should go to:
Wed -  PM Pilates, Yoga
Thur - AM Yoga
Fri - early AM yoga before official furniture moving?
Sat - early AM yoga
Sun - Bikini body?  Yoga

So, so disappointed in myself right now.  On so many levels.

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